At Libertyville Volkswagen, we can take care of all your tire inspection, repair, and replacement needs. Our Libertyville, IL dealership has an experienced team that can inspect, patch, and help you pick out new tires when the time comes. If you’re looking to get the most out of your tires, make sure to keep up with these important tire services.  

  • Tire balancing: The purpose of tire balancing is to ensure that there is equal weight distribution in your tires. Without equal weight distribution, your tires won’t function properly and will wear more easily.  
  • Wheel alignment: Having your wheels aligned consistently will help prevent any unnecessary tire wear. Alignment also helps to make sure your vehicle will drive in a straight path on the roadway.  
  • Tire pressure check: Ensuring that all your tires are at the correct pressure is crucial to avoiding a flat tire or blowout. Driving on low tires can also have a negative impact on the traction and overall performance of your tires. We recommend you have your tire pressure checked at least once per month.  
  • Tire rotation: Regular tire rotations are necessary to maintain even wear on all four of your vehicle’s tires. This also gives our team a chance to inspect your tires for any weak spots or areas that need patching.  
  • New tire replacement: Need new tires for your new Volkswagen Passat? We’ve got you covered! Our Volkswagen parts department has a wide selection of tires from the most popular and well-renown brands on the market. You should replace your tires every five years, or sooner if needed.  

Come into Libertyville Volkswagen for all your tire service needs. Our dealership is located in Libertyville, IL, but we also serve the nearby areas of Highland Park and Gurnee as well. We look forward to working with you soon!