When you’re buying from or looking for a trustworthy car dealership, service is everything. Both outstanding customer service and reliable car service are important factors in picking a Libertyville, IL Volkswagen dealership. So, if you need tire service for your new Volkswagen Jetta, come into Liberty Volkswagen today.  

Here are our current tire service offerings: 

  • Tire repair. Our certified technicians can repair your tires and get you back on the road in no time at all.  
  • Tire inspection. Tire inspections are important to prevent flat tires and tire blowouts. Bring your Volkswagen to our service center for a free inspection that includes checking for air bubbles, improper air pressure, unusual wear and tear, and more.  
  • Tire rotation. Tire rotations are necessary to ensure that all four of your tires are wearing evenly. This process is helpful in increasing the lifespan of your tires, maintaining even tread wear, ensuring your tires have good traction, and checking for tire damage as well. We recommend you bring your vehicle in for a tire rotation every 5,000 miles or so.  
  • Wheel alignment. Wheel alignments adjust the angle at which your car’s wheels are driving. This tire service makes sure your car will drive in a truly straight path and aids in even tire wear across all four tires. 
  • Tire installation. Need to order new tires and have them installed? We can do that! Our Volkswagen service center can assist you in ordering the right set of tires based on your make, model, and driving needs. Once your new tires are in, we will install them as well.  

If your Volkswagen needs tire service, stop into Libertyville Volkswagen near Waukegan, IL today. Check our website for current service specials; we’re constantly updating our incentives to make sure your next service is as affordable as possible.